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BOB20 update Monday and Tuesday

I haven’t been counting my XP and HP points for the first and second day of the readathon, but I did manage to finish 3 books (1984, we were liars and Will Grayson, Will Grayson which means up to 865 pages + the additional 130 pages of today means I read 995 pages in 3 Days, so much more than I would usually read!)

I’ve been reading more and more and enjoying it more and more, even though I’m not really enjoying the books I’m reading now. Kane and Abel deffintly improved when deeper in the story but Caraval is just…. there’s no development. It’s the same thought proces throughout the 400 pages of the book. She thinks she’s thinking it all through, but her mindset didn’t change and she keeps forgetting it’s a game… it’s repetetive and getting slightly annoying. But It’s also for ‘The reading quest’; Read a book that contains magic, so I kind of don’t want to dnf, because every page counts….

Readathons motivate me so much, I didn’t know I had this competive trait in me.

Happy Reading !





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