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BoutofBooks Wrap up and Writing again!

So Bout of Books 20 is done and I didn’t feel like I acclompished much to be honest. It didn’t really feel like a readathon, I really missed the sprints and the twitter intense communities of other readathons. I get that it’s a lowkey kind of readathon but since I rediscovered my competitive trait, I kind of missed that.
But here is my wrap up
Kane and abel by jeffrey archer *544 pages* (also accurate for The Reading Quest mini game: grinding: Read a book with more than 500 pages)
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David levithan*310 pages* (The reading quest mini games; Potions; a book conducted by 2 authors)
Caraval by Stephanie Garber *406 pages* (A book that contains magic)
(I also read I think 350 pages in ‘all the light we cannot see’ by Anthony Doerr and loving it)

It was a while since I read a John Green book and I was a little anxious because I thought I grew out of them, but turns out… You can’t grow out of John Green books. I don’t care what anybody says, his writing style is amazing and it reads so fast. I think I finished Will Grayson (2x) in 2 days and I can still remember details of the book. I liked the idea of the plot and it kind of got me back into writing. I had a few ideas for a story myself.

I always enjoyd writing, but for some reason I lacked of inspiration for a few months and it frustrated me so much. I wanted to have a good idea, so I started to keep them in a journal. At the end of the summer I had 2 ideas, which I could actually combine into 1 story. For me as someone with no love-label, it’s really hard to find books with characters that speak to me on that level. Most books have either a hetero couple or a gay couple, at least the couple has a label. But if you’re 25 and you still don’t know what your label is, it’s hard to find connection with the characters.
So why not write a story about that myself.