the synopsis always lies

Do you ever have that problem that the synopsis is being either really vague or really wrong… it’s basicly how my life is. You think you have it figured out but the author decides to either make a huuuuge plottwist or leave you on a cliffhanger.

So Hi, Welcome. I’m a boomnerd,worm, lover. If I’m honest, I stopped reading for a certain amount of time due to the fact that I just couldn’t finish reading a ‘Stephen King’ book, I loved it but it slowed my reading down so much that I just didn’t enjoy the act anymore. I finally finished it last month and my reading game was back on.

Reading for me is like an escape from the ‘real’ world. I can make friends, I can discover new countries and I can disolve in the background of a great story without leaving my room. Reading is magical and I know it’s been said but I need to thank J.K.Rowling for making me fall in love with books all over again!